Here is how Mitt Romney and those who really want him elected will rape America. You pretty much have to be worth at least a Billion dollars to do this, but…

Here are your two investment choices:

1. Invest 1 Billion dollars and get back 2 Billion dollars, that is worth 2 Billion dollars.

2. Invest 1 Billion Dollars and get back 10 Billion dollars, that is worth 5 Billion dollars.

The latter is when we go to war and print money to pay for the guns, war machines, and war accessories. Those payments go to the 300,000 US Corporations, (for profit), that contract with the Department of Defense. These companies sell stock,…to anyone who wants to invest. We have no way of knowing that Ahmadinejad is investing Iranian funds in US companies.

But, the point is that some investors are more than happy to have their money eaten by a little inflation if the profit is great enough. The problem is the rest of us are not in the position to protect ourselves from this super-greed. Our money will become worth less and less in this scenario.

This is the new normal of the rich getting rich and the poor getting poor. The rich are actually stealing the value of our money. By the rich, I mean the top 200-300 rich guys in the country, and not all of them, just the douche bags. I don’t think this trend will end well in the long run, but these billionaire investors aren’t looking that far into the future.

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